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If you are an individual, or company, looking for real estate financing help, you may be unsure of who to trust. There are so many New York commercial loan brokers and all of them claim to be able to help. It is important that you partner with a company that can review your entire financial situation, and give you the best option that fits your budget. Great Northern Mortgage Corp. is the trusted answer.

New York Commercial Loan Broker Great Northern Mortgage is one of the top New York City based commercial real estate companies, specializing in the placement of financing for commercial real estate and business transactions. Our emphasis on personal attention means, that each client will receive unsurpassed customer service and customized product knowledge. We are a New York commercial loan broker that, from the initial loan application up until the closing, works to make sure of a smooth real estate transaction. Most importantly, we always deliver the same terms, interest rate, and bank closing costs as provided on the client accepted Commercial Mortgage Broker Fee Agreement.

Great Northern Mortgage Corp. is a New York NY commercial loan broker that works with a team of professionals such as attorneys, loss mitigation specialists, mortgage professionals, real estate brokers, and appraisers. We bring together all of our expertise, knowledge, connections, and developed relationships, to solve any real estate situation and/or problems. We are proud members of NAMB, NYAMB, NY BBB, and local Chamber of Commerce.

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