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GNCommercial arranges financing for a wide range of commercial properties. We love to finance the following types of properties (listed in alphabetical order):

  1. Apartment/Multi Family Residence (5 or more Units)
  2. Automotive (Auto Repair, Auto Body, Auto Dealership, Car Wash, Gas Station, Used Car Lot, etc.)
  3. Bed & Breakfast Inn
  4. Hospitality (Hotel, Motel)
  5. Cooperative Building
  6. Industrial (Factory, Manufacturing, Warehouse, etc.)
  7. Mixed Use Property
  8. Office Building
  9. Office/Commercial Condo
  10. Retail (Shopping Center, Strip Mall, etc.)
  11. Self Storage


The types of properties listed below are considered on case-by-case bases:

  1. Agricultural (Farms, Ranches)
  2. Assisted Living Facility (Boarding, Senior, Student Housing)
  3. Bowling Alley
  4. Casino
  5. Church
  6. Day Care
  7. Dry Cleaners
  8. Land
  9. Laundromats
  10. Leisure (Gentlemen’s Club, Golf Course, Marina, RV Park, etc.)
  11. Medical (Hospital, Clinic, etc.)
  12. Mobile/Manufactured Home Park
  13. Parking Lot Site
  14. Rehabilitation Facility
  15. Special Use Property
  16. Other

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